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Beautiful places in the philippines
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
Beautiful places in the Philippines - places you may love to live and work as well. Philippines paradise islands are just one step away from God's heaven. A place to enjoy to work while amidst God loving and smiling people welcoming you.

See for yourself, a picture can say more than a thousand words can do. Enjoy the photos from beautiful places I love, listen to your heart and may be you find your own most favorite place or you join the millions of God loving people on their home to God by the end of your lifetime.

Beautiful places in teh Philippines

Philippines travel guide for immigrants and tourists. Life in an island paradise means love, nature and beautiful beautiful sceneries. With forum, news and business information. There are 2 main reasons why people travel to the Philippines: Love in the Philippines or Philippine islands most beautiful nature! You either fall in love with Philippines most beautiful God made pristine nature or with God made beautiful Filipinas or with both.

a little house to call your home

Imagine you can work in a little house as shown in above photo - amidst God made nature in a healthy and most loving environment ...

Philippines with its 7100+ most beautiful tropical islands full of exotic beauty and loving surprises is definitely my most preferred place on this planet. The loving friendliness of Filipino toward all visitors from all over the world makes you instantly feel welcome and wish to be at home in this beautiful place. But what place do you want to stay ? Each and every of the provinces and islands has its own magic beauty often totally different from what you have seen or experienced at other places or islands. Even the language is different - with many dozen dialects adapting the the individual characteristics of different island cultures and ethic groups from different origin and different history.

Moonlight on a tropical island in the Philippines

Living in above little house - just meters away from Pacific ocean, I can enjoy moonlight on a tropical island in the Philippines and even better enjoy a moonlight swim in a tropical warm ocean some 30 degrees C or warmer at night.

Beautiful tropical flowers

God is Love - that's why God created millions of most beautiful tropical flowers for mankind to enjoy God and Love and as a result of my joy and happiness to be allowed in such a beautiful God made nature as a guest on this planet, I created for you a collection of beautiful God wallpapers to remind you of God's love for you!

Philippines is a blossoming paradise with lots of smiling eyes and faces to welcome you in their heart and soul. Hence the Philippines are an ideal place for travel and life in paradise, provided you have prepared yourself with a quality and useful professional education for life in paradise.

I love places that love me and help me to enjoy and work more efficiently, while having an open heart for all visitors and foreigners of any color and race and age. After a lifetime of travel and work in some 40+ countries worldwide - the Philippine islands are just one such beautiful country where all loving people are welcome and loved. Hence the creation of this Philippines Travel Guide to share with you some beautiful pictures and information.

Learn about God and Love from the website on God and Love to strengthen your love. Practice Kriya Yoga to free your love and get your love flowing again until you are one with God and back at home in a world of love in God. The entire website from the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love offers you a treasure on teachings of love to guide you home to God on a path of love.

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