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God's teachings of love as published in the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga

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Kriya Yoga, God and Love, Human need for perfection to find true love
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
Human need for perfection to find true love

The way you are NOW
is the way that made you drift away and FALL into this planet “hell”
a planet at war
a planet with people betraying, cheating or abusing each other
a planet were selfish little happiness is more important than the happiness of others on the other side of the planet
a planet where “deals”, savings or profit is more important than honest prices and honest wages to create equally strong members of God’s family.

The way you are NOW
may attract an equally selfish partner

If however love is what you want
true romance
a lover for life and beyond,
then most may have to improve and substantially change
some may have to change 100%

If current imperfection is a state you defend as being lovable and normal, if striving for perfection as a human and lover is too strenuous or too demanding then you have to accept a partner with similar but other imperfections on top of your own imperfections
the result is a more or less painful divorce
and a full lifetime wasted.

God is perfect
and we as God’s children are made to God’s image = to be perfect!

To strive day after day for perfection
by dissolving one by one our current imperfections, mistakes and selfishness.

For most work on perfection of self may be at the very least one FULL lifetime
daily work
daily challenges
daily improvements.

God’s teachings of Love contain all the spiritual lessons as well as all the marriage and relationship related real life lessons to assist you in your daily efforts toward becoming a perfect lover for your soul-mate.

All lessons you learn here and now on earth are for your future. Future is a long time = eternity. Your happy eternal future should be well worth a few decades (= one full lifetime) of real efforts toward dissolving karma and ego and thus efforts toward perfection in love toward all.

The complete teachings of love are part of the Spiritual Treasures from the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love. All available for instant FREE download.

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