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Steps out of your personal financial crisis and debts
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
Steps out of your personal financial crisis and debts

Our today’s global economy crisis is self-made. Created by people with big dreams, academic education teaching dreams and fancy formulas for success, but lacking even smallest God given common sense.

Such dreams of spending before earning, spending without use of brain. Such lifestyles and ideas are tempting and can turn into a viral disease infecting more and more lives. Until we reach a breaking point of economic disaster and widespread defaults including major companies and countries - and individual humans, may be you too got entangled in debts beyond your current limits.

This small article emphasizes on true and tested methods to be applied by all having lost financial control, having more debts than savings and thus having lost true freedom.

Never ever expect someone else to bail-out you. Neither the government nor anyone else is responsible for your personal financial situation. Only you! Hence it is your sole responsibility to clean up your own financial mess. To pay back all your debts and to turn into a useful and helpful human being rather than to remain a “sucker” or parasite to human society by spending and consuming more from our global resources than you contribute to our global society, nature and ultimately to God’s entire creation.

The following procedures and emergency measures are intended to get you OUT of financial crisis as soon as possible, i.e. within less than a year if possible. Avoid making a 25 years or so plan to get out of debts. Those long term plans have little motivation for a normal human being. In 20+ years from now, your beautiful years of life are over, gone for ever. Hence such plan to be free of debts AFTER your life can never be a reasonable goal.

Set clear priorities and be ready to do whatever necessary to reach the goal = to be free of debts, free to move on in life as a free being. May be free in a much more simple life, but free = ready for real life, ready for a new life within your direct personal control and well within your own limits!

If you reach your goal or fail only is a matter of motivation and:

  1. having a worthy goal - a goal for the wellbeing of all creation, even here and now on earth

  2. being willing to reach that goal in a truly honest way

  3. investing all your available efforts toward that goal

  4. dropping all activities and expenses that endanger the success of reaching your goal

A worthy goal is the source of infinite motivation. True motivation from the very bottom of your heart and soul is the only driving force to success. Money making, titles, positions, social status are NO worthy goals - true love, happiness and freedom in God is the only goal of eternal value beyond this tiny life on earth.

Life in a financially critical time such as the ongoing global economic crisis is possible. All you need to do is to follow and implement a few simple common sense rules:

  • Make an inventory of expenses or activities that are absolutely vital for life, health and family.

  • Instantly stop all expenses that aim at other objects than above vitally important criteria of life.

  • Very particularly cancel all expenses for “stuff” gadgets, hobbies, recreation and luxury items such as dine out, movies, travel, vacation, etc.

  • Reduce living space to one single room for living and working from home.

  • Remove from life all luxury money eaters such as cars, motor cycle, etc. Walk or take a bicycle for all really needed daily transportation.

  • Cancel all energy consuming luxury items such as air conditioning - a fan can do as well!

Learn to live at least partially from FREE food sources found in nature. There are freely available healthy organic garden products such as salads, vegetables, nuts, fruits, berries, herbal tea, etc growing in wild nature. You just have to learn to know and recognize it all. These are free gifts of love from God. Reduce medical bills by conducting a healthy lifestyle. Live from nature. Live amidst nature. Care for your health by improving immune system. A natural lifestyle with work in fresh air amidst a natural environment will help you to stay healthy and strong and thus without the need of any medical doctor as well. God is your medical doctor and medical insurance.

A happy life has nothing to do with financial wealth. In a simple life freed from any wasteful love-substitutes can be more likely a happy life. Focus on true values of life such as relationship, direct human to human love and friends rather than spending and wasting money for substitutes for missing love and missing friends or missing family.

Learn to be as selfsustaining as reasonably possible.

How to achieve above goals and how to implement above emergency measures to grow strong, healthy and happy during crisis is an essential part of Jesus teachings of love.Download and study the “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition” with solutions of love for all situations in life.

How to make your financial recovery fast and efficient?

Make the toughest possible plan and stick to it Make your recovery period well within your very near future. 6 months or one year can be possible! Be ready to file for bankruptcy. First pay debts of 1st and 2nd priority below, then the last priority OR file for bankruptcy if the remaining debts are too high to be paid back within a year.

Pay back your debts by strict priorities:

  1. Personal debts you have toward private persons are first

  2. Debts you made to blow up your ego, such as student loans are next

  3. All other debts you have toward government and banks are last

Pay only actual debts, never pay for late fees, never pay for penalties or never pay for interest rates on debts. Those institutions having given you credit KNEW from the very begin very well that you may have gotten far more than you ever could pay back. There are business men, banks, credit institutes making huge profits on your failure. In time of global economy crisis it’s time for ALL to pay back. To accept responsibility and liability for own use and abuse of out of control financial situations by individuals. Instead of giving another credit card, loans or extend existing credit limit, government, banks and all other having money should have refused credits and suggested a reduction of YOUR lifestyle and thus reduction of expenses to KEEP you financially free and healthy.

The profit greed of banks, rich ones and governments is simple:

If you fail to pay back ALL within dictated limits, the mighty ones repossess all and you lose all = resulting you to be homeless and shortly after may be even jobless. To lure weak ones into financial debts ending in repossession is a very profitable business strategy. The government and wealthy ones accrued more and more, all others less and less until the general population is back into a modern way of slavery. Working for others, living to make other people’s dream come true by giving your entire life, lifeforce and in some countries even all your children to satisfy the greed by mighty and wealthy ones.

Once you recognize the “game” others, banks, credit card institutes, wealthy and mighty ones or even governments are playing with your fortune, with your entire family, willing to use and abuse and exploit you for their own financial and most selfish benefit, then it should be easy for you to exercise strict self-control and increase your efforts to get FREE from your debts and to completely re-organize your entire life, to restructure you way of thinking and to change your heart and attitude toward life. You do all you do for your own future, for your own freedom and wellbeing. Never expect anyone else to do something for YOU unless you have done a lot for OTHERS. To be in debts however is proof beyond any doubt of being weak, of consuming more than contributing. Hence you have given nothing of true value at all to others. Just spending other people’s money and consuming from others. Hence you have NO help to expect from others - but only your own self-help. If your own life, your own freedom, your own future is worth no full effort from you, then you are worth no effort by others for sure. You alone have to create and prove a life long your own value FOR others by steadily being a source of help and useful services or products FOR others.

If you think the above procedures might be too tough on you - just remember the hundreds of millions of humans on this planet who live a life long on a budget of just a few dollars per day for an entire family.

You can substantially improve your success by removing any limits in your mind. Here a few final tips:

  • You can and should accept any job, no matter what, dirty, tough, dangerous, below your level, helper jobs, just ANY honest work of any kind.

  • Your daily working hours are 24 hrs - even over an extended period of time. There are jobs 24/7 available for many months. May be the hourly rate is lower, but the total sum earned per day / per week is higher because of the extended working hours you may have. For example home care for very ill people may be one such job - always on duty day and night and still having short breaks to recover in short deep meditation (kriya yoga).

  • Dangerous or dirty jobs NO ONE else wants to do are an ideal opportunity to get above minimal pay for an extended period of time

  • Be 100% flexible, any location, any country, any time, any day always needs to be fine for you to accept jobs bringing you out of debts and financial crisis.

  • If you have already any financial debts or obligations, strictly avoid those jobs that require investing in new education for a new job. Work with whatever you have NOW. A healthy body and mind, the readiness to fully invest yourself into a new job and the full willingness to learn while doing / while working on the job.

Never expect God to give you money. God however may give you job opportunities to work yourself out of your self made misery.

Follow Jesus teachings of love to learn about life in harmony with God’s teachings of love.

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