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God's teachings of love as published in the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga

Honest salary and the self regulatory power of honest prices
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart

The self regulatory power of honest wages to balance the entire global market and humanity

Learn about honest salaries, the benefits and results of honesty in business and all life.

  • What is a honest salary or honest price?

  • What is the benefit for paying honest salaries to employees?

  • How can honest wages regulate our global market and balance our entire global business environment?

  • What happens if we refuse to pay honest wages to our employees or if we refuse to pay honest prices to our suppliers of goods and services we need ourselves in our life?

  • Instant global benefits for family size business

First we may need to understand how to achieve honesty. Honesty in all life always is the direct result of love toward all. Without true love toward ALL there can be no honesty at all.

True love toward all requires selflessness. Selflessness includes your full efforts to create well being and happiness in all others above all. If you care for the needs and well-being of all others, Then God and all others shall care for your own well-being.

What is a honest salary or honest price?

The definition I apply to my own life as well as all my visitors is simple. Pay exactly the same salary per hour as you earn in your own job in your own country. No matter where you use other people's services or product. That means if you earn 6 dollars per hour and take a local transportation for sightseeing tour or a tour guide for a trekking tour, then you him 6 dollars for each of his hours he spends for you.

If you charge 50 EURO per hour for your services, then you pay 50 Euro for every hour of your cleaning lady, housemaid, driver or gardener as well!

And if you earn 5000 US$ per hour - then you pay 5000 US$ per hour!

If however you have NO money or tiny amounts only because you are jobless = to lazy or overqualified to do ANY job offered that needs to be done. Then you either may have to ask for free stuff: "give me free bread or free apartment I am too lazy to work to pay for it". This may work a few times. One day you may get your ass kicked and get nothing at all. Hence there is a lower limit of how much still is honest.

On our planet we have dozens of millions or may be hundreds of millions jobless people. Some of them I saw with my own eyes simply feel too good to do any job needed for the prices offered and they prefer to hang around and do nothing at all rather than to work for 2 or 5 dollars an hour cleaning streets or toilets or loading trucks, etc.

There are situations in life were we all have to strip down all our demands and just do what needs to be done at the price affordable to be paid! It is our all duty to work, to be useful and to contribute our own share of work and services in exchange to all the products and benefits we love to enjoy in our lives.

What is the benefit for paying honest salaries to employees?

If you treat your suppliers or employees like you would treat your own Children or family members. With love and dignity. The you are considered a father rather than a boss. Your employees or customers become your family. You no longer need protection or security as all feel deep in their hearts that you treat them with dignity and love as equal human beings.

Honest prices and honest salaries result in a working and living environment flooded with mutual love and happiness. In a honest living environment where work and private life becomes one, we no longer need fences, guards and tribunals or lawyers. Our heart can solve all eventual conflicts before they actually occur.

How can honest wages regulate our global market and balance our entire global business environment?

There are many among you who may rebel now and say: Then I no longer can afford to have employees or I no longer can maintain my industry or business.

Fine! Then it be and you close down your business that grew only at the expense of other people being exploited! Then your employees loose their underpaid jobs and gain their dignity and freedom back. Without jobs, without industries in cities, all employees eventually return home to their provinces and start their healthy natural but simple and happy life all over again. Ten years later they have fully recovered from the period of exploitation and have become again self sustaining farmers, fishermen, carpenters, etc!

The only one who really looses his job is you. Most of the investors, bankers, CEOs, managers, etc would be nothing at all in their lives without employees doing the actual work, the actual service or production! You as an exploiting and abusing employer had dreams far too large to be executed and realized by your own financial means and your own physical capabilities and potential. You may have exceeded by far your very own limits for an extended period of time at the expense of all society, at the expense of investors luring for easy money and quick profits and most of the time at the expense of our entire planet and nature that keeps us alive.

If however you are truly spiritual and open heart-open minded. The follow below mathematical model and understand how such a simple rule like paying honest salaries or honest prices may instantly auto-regulate the entire global market, global industry and our all life at once.

To help you understand the model, I use some numbers out of my own life. You may adapt these numbers to your own situation and you fully understand the power of self regulation that is within honesty in business and life!

Last year (2009) my annual average per hour was about 5,20 US$. Living modest and simple, doing a job I love. That amount is plenty if you consider that the potential working day has up to 24 hrs with just a few breaks. If you love your job, you rarely get tired at all. Love feeds you and keeps you healthy and awake until job done.

To simplify the example, lets take 5 US$ per hour. Means if you earn that amount. You pay for your riksha 5$/hr, for your housemaid 5$/hr and for your hairdresser as well 5$/hr, etc. For every hour of service you enjoy to receive FROM others you pay 5$/hr!

If you use 8 hrs of housemaid, 4 hours of baby sitter or sales girl, 3 hrs of gardener or driver per day, then you pay 15 hrs 5$ each = 75$ wages paid out per day. If you work yourself 15 hrs each day, that would leave you zero $ per day for you. Hence you would need to increase your own working hours.

You are human and most likely never manage to work more than 20 hrs per day over an extended period of time. That means the maximum you can earn would be 100$ per day. Leaving you 25 $/day for your own life after deduction of your honest pay outs to all your servants and helpers in your life.

May be that might be enough if your overall living is most simple and cheap. Most likely you may find that amount too little to keep alive and motivated. Hence you reduce the number of hours you use other people's services until you make ends meet again.

May be in an average you work 15 hrs a day and use 3 hrs of services from others and you may feel OK.

As you see from above example, there are self regulatory mechanisms built into honesty in payments made to others, payments for services and / or products.

To live with the honesty model you have to stay within your own limits of business size. There is NO way to become a global dominating leader in any industry. That exactly is the purpose and power of honesty in business. There is absolutely NO need at all that a few companies dominate and exploit all world. There is no need at all that mega companies hire hundreds of thousands of employees to grow bigger and bigger until they eventually collapse. The larger a company, the more administration cost that company has, the less efficient and the more environment destructive that company is. Huge companies have top level management earning dozens or hundreds of millions a year including all bonuses and expenses, private jets, private cars with drivers, body guards, etc.

If you stay family business size, you need to body guard, no protection, no administration, no expenses. A family business or as in my case one person PLUS God operation has exactly zero administration, zero expenses, only a decent life in harmony with God and tons of work to be done. No secretary answering phone calls or e-Mails. I dropped long time ago all bla bla calls and mails completely.

The ultimate goal of all mankind is a happy life in freedom. Freedom requires love from all and toward all. Freedom requires that all are self employed, freelance and their own boss. Hence employment of any kind should only be considered temporary. For example to gain experiences, to learn, to be apprentice for a short while and then move on in life to continue further learning and acquiring skills until mature and ready for self employment.

In a society of strong self employed "bosses" without any underprivileged employees, we have acquired a deep appreciation of each others' values and are all willing to pay honest prices or exchange values on a 1:1 basis where we need and enjoy other people's services or products.

If you stay family business size, you have instant global benefits:

  • You need no advertisement at all. You serve your local community and your customers value and appreciate your services or products. Hence you get all customers by worth of mouth.

  • No need to outperform competitors. No need to compete with competitors. You have your local community, Others have theirs - all work together serving all mankind, all creation instead of competing with each other.

  • You need no patents or brand name protection. You serve in one community leaving the entire global market to millions of other family businesses alike. Each serving their own local community. Instead of completing, you are helping each others to serve mankind, planet and creation.

  • You need no spy-protection as you have no secrets. Instead you share your recipes of success with all world to help many others to learn from you and do the same as you in their own neighborhood.

  • Small size local business have far less or no pollution and can easily be in full harmony with nature

  • Local need oriented family business have limited or no need for logistics. You mainly use local products for local customers. Hence need for energy is limited, need for transportation and logistics is minimal. Instead of a life in luxury you opt for a life in happiness. Having more time for your family, being amidst your entire family all time. Working and enjoying live together as a family endeavor.

  • Instead of outsourcing to cheap countries, you do all locally and yourself.

  • Leaving same full job opportunities to all others in the world. Thus leaving same revenue opportunities to those otherwise working with below minimum wages in third world countries. No one is working for you - all are their own boss providing whatever generic demand needs to be satisfied.

What happens if we refuse to pay honest wages?

The first result is a loss of trust between employees and employers. The next step is a loss of social peace and eventually long lasting legal battles. Employers loose such legal battles and are forced to pay at least legal wages. No one really benefits from enforced minimum wages because such minimum wages in third world countries such as in the Philippines are a ridiculous joke! The same applies to most other third world countries industrial salary system.

Below are a few pages from a real scenario case that occurred just recently. Poverty in the Philippines is like poverty in most countries of 2 root causes: Exploitation or laziness. Laziness often results from lack of motivation to work a full day for less than the cost of daily living. If for example you fail to afford daily local fruits for your own children or basic health care or basic professional education for your family and children. Then how can you expect someone to work 20 hrs a day if he still fails to make ends meet each month. Even worst if he never can afford even week now and then to travel, enjoy and explore his very own country!

Cheap labor often has been lured from remote provinces into cities. Once in the city living fro extreme underpay such work immigrants rarely ever can safe the money needed to return home to their own provinces. Worst even. Often these people gave all their property away for a tiny amount to pay travel to industrial cities. Once all property gone, there is nothing at all waiting at home. No farm land, no house, all gone for life. Once in such deep shit, employers have easy job to maintain a cheap labor. Living in slums or slum like colonies, working for micro amounts just to avoid death by starvation .... and all just to satisfy the need and greed of investors and rich business men looking for even more profits and greater wealth.

When employers fail to pay honest salary, then employees get into troubles, entire families drift into poverty and entire future generations lack basic professional qualifications to conduct a happy life. All such chain reactions purely for a quick profit of greedy employers or investors. Greed and stinginess are destructive mental and spiritual illnesses that need to be healed just like any other virus.

When a business man needs more money, he simply reduces expenses or increases prices to balance his budget again. When underpaid employees need more money, they either ask for higher wages or change jobs or drift into poverty for life. Usually higher wages are refused in third world countries. Legal minimum wages are a joke and far below the amount needed for a decent happy family life. Changing job often is impossible because all employers use same strategy to exploit the need of poor ones. In most countries of the third world the employers are either expats or corporations financed by rich ones from in and out of country or banks. Hence inn most cases there is no loving solutions but to either accept solid underpay or to die!

Honesty in business is as rare on this planet as 10 carat diamonds inn the streets of New York. The typical characteristics of a business man is to earn as much for the lowest amount of work and the smallest amount of investment. See the global crisis in US car industry as well as other global industries and its management levels bonus systems.

Can you pay more for other people's services than you earn yourself?

Yes of course you can. If you feel that a particular service you enjoy is worth more than your 5$/hr then you are free to show your appreciation. But you should avoid paying less than what you earn yourself.

The ultimate benefit for honest prices and honest wages

Honest prices or wages paid by you will after a while make you feel like a real human. Innermost satisfaction and true love received by all those benefiting from your loving honesty in pricing will lead to increased happiness around you and thus to a better and more loving, stronger living environment for you, for your loved ones and best friends. To live in a strong environment is far more fun than to live amidst a bunch of starving exploited slaves.

Remember that you always can live without others at all. However the less services you use or consume from others, the more you may miss some of their services and products and thus the more you learn to appreciate others. This too is self-regulatory. All alone life would be boring and lonely. We are social beings and made to love each other and share all fun and happiness with each other. However we all have to contribute our own share to the well-being of all others as well. By paying a honest salary or honest price to all others we force ourselves to work and produce more than we need from others. Hence we force ourselves to produce abundance and out of this abundance we have a honest contribution or honest value in exchange of services needed or enjoyed from others.

Once we strictly abide by the principle of paying honest wages or honest prices, we self regulate our own creative production and consumption in harmony with our God made limits. Honest prices paid eliminates waste of goods and resources and balances the consumption to within healthy natural limits of available resources. We are the main resource and our own physical life force is the limit of our production and consumption.

To offer value in return for values received we have to acquire qualifications, skills and deploy God given creative productivity within our own limits.

♥ Study and apply Jesus teachings of Love offered to you for free instant download by the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love to turn into and maintain your entire life as an exciting adventure of love until again HOME in God's world of love.

How to improve your Facebook sharing success
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
♥ An approach to an ideal sharing strategy on Facebook for all major links

* to ALL torrents / download pages
such as
Spiritual Treasures
nature pictures from the Beautiful Philippine islands
* and to major topics on Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love website.

is a REPEATED "SHARE" among your own FB friends or on your FB page if you have many likes.

Why repeated SHARE?

* Different FB users are online only certain days of the week or hrs and most wallposts getting LOST if all done just once at your most convenient time.

* Different FB users may change settings about "Follow". Those who stop to Follow YOU may still be frends but never see your posts / shares

* Some FB users have hundreds OR thousands of posts per day from all "friends" and your spiritual shares may simply getting LOST in the flood of selfies and stuff.

* Many FB friends get NEW friends or change settings to expand the reach of posts.

♥ Thus the best would be in consideration of the living-time zone of YOUR friends to SHARE important posts or topics or download links
- on different days of week /weekends
- at totally different times of day or night

Once per month or even more often.

You may apply above SHARE scheme for any website or project you may want to promote.

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Prepare a Butterfly Garden
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
♥ In the northern hemisphere the planting time is soon finish = time for some final "make up".

♥ If you Love butterflies, then make sure your wild environment and garden includes plants, flowers and shrubs for all lifecycles of butterflies.
In the Spiritual Treasures you find a chapter on that topic as well.

♥ Sunflowers offer lots of pollen to honey bees in summertime and the seeds are delicious winter food for birds (and humans as well). The dead sunflower plant mulching material to further improve your garden soilRead more about organic farm and gardening tips to improve a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a happy family.

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Greatest gifts from God
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
♥ One of the greatest gifts you ever can acquire or receive from God is Divine Love so pure that you can instantly forgive no matter what - any number of tines to any number of people
♥ the wisdom to fully comprehend the true root cause of every single problem on earth, among mankind and in all creation
♥ the power of love to always do the very best for all creation w/o any "collateral" damage at all.

♥ Anything else, positions, careers, wealth, possessions, titles, gold or diamonds have a value of exactly ZERO compared to above 3.

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Most fragile marriages and relationships
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
♥ In all creation, by far the single FRAGILE and at the very same time the single most beautiful is a true love between God made soul mates.

♥ Even regular male -female relationships or regular marriages are already much more complex and fragile than MOST can handle

♥ A broken soul mate relationship ONLY can be healed by God alone.

♥ One single tiny mistake, wrong thought or fantasy or wrong word or smallest denial of love or rejection of love could cause a separation of millions of years or longer.

♥ Only firm roots in God by both can permanently secure True Love between soul mates. Until then you practice Love with all humans, animals and nature around you and with whoever God put into your life.

♥ Study and apply God's teachings of Love by the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love to turn into and maintain your entire life as an exciting adventure of love until again HOME in God's world of love.

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Common sense is a gift from God to all
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
♥ Common sense is a gift from God to ALL lost ones far from our heavenly home who have LOST Conscious permanent and clear communication with God.

♥ Common sense is of equal intensity to all mankind and has absolutely nothing to do with any school education.

♥ Common sense to be clear however requires absence of EGO. The smaller your EGO - the clearer your common sense.

♥ The sole purpose of common sense is to protect YOU in the ABSENCE of wisdom. TRUE Wisdom only can exist in total absence of ego = in full presence of God's Love. Thus after oneness with God.

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"Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" complete download information
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
The Spiritual Treasures download information are published and maintained by a groupe of happy loyal users on the official Facebook project page to ease your FREE instant download. 39988 files with Jesus teachings of love and complete Kriya Yoga teachings.

Several articles have been written by experienced users about how to extract the huge torrent file on different operating systems including mobile devices.

You find all links and resources listed and updated in that one a,m. FB note.

Enjoy - God bless

The weakness of ego vs the power of God's love
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart

Every ego can grow stronger than most mortal humans on earth, yet long before dominating the world, a strong ego or group of egos breaks into pieces and crumbles away.

Hence to fight an ego by power is useless, even stupid - every ego no matter how strong always is self destructive. This also is valid for all groups of ego such as governments and other authorities.

Strive for God and develop true Love and your love always remains stronger than the strongest ego or strongest authority ever could get. Love is the only everlasting power in all creation and God is the only source of all love.

If ever in distress or pushed by ego into the edge or into a corner, focus on your connection to God, maintain your opening for God and you always be safe. Protected by God. Remember that a body is but a shell of temporary use and of limited value. Death is the only door to God, hence no matter how you die, get killed or lose control of your body - beyond the door of death always waits God to safely bring you home. All you need to do is to surrender all your past and all your memories to God and in a deep sincere prayer ask God to free you and to heal your soul from all past experiences away from God.

God is Love = a God of Love and you are made to the image of God:
To love all, to forgive all, to reconcile with all.

Steps out of your personal financial crisis and debts
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
Steps out of your personal financial crisis and debts

Our today’s global economy crisis is self-made. Created by people with big dreams, academic education teaching dreams and fancy formulas for success, but lacking even smallest God given common sense.

Such dreams of spending before earning, spending without use of brain. Such lifestyles and ideas are tempting and can turn into a viral disease infecting more and more lives. Until we reach a breaking point of economic disaster and widespread defaults including major companies and countries - and individual humans, may be you too got entangled in debts beyond your current limits.

This small article emphasizes on true and tested methods to be applied by all having lost financial control, having more debts than savings and thus having lost true freedom.

Never ever expect someone else to bail-out you. Neither the government nor anyone else is responsible for your personal financial situation. Only you! Hence it is your sole responsibility to clean up your own financial mess. To pay back all your debts and to turn into a useful and helpful human being rather than to remain a “sucker” or parasite to human society by spending and consuming more from our global resources than you contribute to our global society, nature and ultimately to God’s entire creation.

The following procedures and emergency measures are intended to get you OUT of financial crisis as soon as possible, i.e. within less than a year if possible. Avoid making a 25 years or so plan to get out of debts. Those long term plans have little motivation for a normal human being. In 20+ years from now, your beautiful years of life are over, gone for ever. Hence such plan to be free of debts AFTER your life can never be a reasonable goal.

Set clear priorities and be ready to do whatever necessary to reach the goal = to be free of debts, free to move on in life as a free being. May be free in a much more simple life, but free = ready for real life, ready for a new life within your direct personal control and well within your own limits!

If you reach your goal or fail only is a matter of motivation and:

  1. having a worthy goal - a goal for the wellbeing of all creation, even here and now on earth

  2. being willing to reach that goal in a truly honest way

  3. investing all your available efforts toward that goal

  4. dropping all activities and expenses that endanger the success of reaching your goal

A worthy goal is the source of infinite motivation. True motivation from the very bottom of your heart and soul is the only driving force to success. Money making, titles, positions, social status are NO worthy goals - true love, happiness and freedom in God is the only goal of eternal value beyond this tiny life on earth.

Life in a financially critical time such as the ongoing global economic crisis is possible. All you need to do is to follow and implement a few simple common sense rules:

  • Make an inventory of expenses or activities that are absolutely vital for life, health and family.

  • Instantly stop all expenses that aim at other objects than above vitally important criteria of life.

  • Very particularly cancel all expenses for “stuff” gadgets, hobbies, recreation and luxury items such as dine out, movies, travel, vacation, etc.

  • Reduce living space to one single room for living and working from home.

  • Remove from life all luxury money eaters such as cars, motor cycle, etc. Walk or take a bicycle for all really needed daily transportation.

  • Cancel all energy consuming luxury items such as air conditioning - a fan can do as well!

Learn to live at least partially from FREE food sources found in nature. There are freely available healthy organic garden products such as salads, vegetables, nuts, fruits, berries, herbal tea, etc growing in wild nature. You just have to learn to know and recognize it all. These are free gifts of love from God. Reduce medical bills by conducting a healthy lifestyle. Live from nature. Live amidst nature. Care for your health by improving immune system. A natural lifestyle with work in fresh air amidst a natural environment will help you to stay healthy and strong and thus without the need of any medical doctor as well. God is your medical doctor and medical insurance.

A happy life has nothing to do with financial wealth. In a simple life freed from any wasteful love-substitutes can be more likely a happy life. Focus on true values of life such as relationship, direct human to human love and friends rather than spending and wasting money for substitutes for missing love and missing friends or missing family.

Learn to be as selfsustaining as reasonably possible.

How to achieve above goals and how to implement above emergency measures to grow strong, healthy and happy during crisis is an essential part of Jesus teachings of love.Download and study the “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition” with solutions of love for all situations in life.

How to make your financial recovery fast and efficient?

Make the toughest possible plan and stick to it Make your recovery period well within your very near future. 6 months or one year can be possible! Be ready to file for bankruptcy. First pay debts of 1st and 2nd priority below, then the last priority OR file for bankruptcy if the remaining debts are too high to be paid back within a year.

Pay back your debts by strict priorities:

  1. Personal debts you have toward private persons are first

  2. Debts you made to blow up your ego, such as student loans are next

  3. All other debts you have toward government and banks are last

Pay only actual debts, never pay for late fees, never pay for penalties or never pay for interest rates on debts. Those institutions having given you credit KNEW from the very begin very well that you may have gotten far more than you ever could pay back. There are business men, banks, credit institutes making huge profits on your failure. In time of global economy crisis it’s time for ALL to pay back. To accept responsibility and liability for own use and abuse of out of control financial situations by individuals. Instead of giving another credit card, loans or extend existing credit limit, government, banks and all other having money should have refused credits and suggested a reduction of YOUR lifestyle and thus reduction of expenses to KEEP you financially free and healthy.

The profit greed of banks, rich ones and governments is simple:

If you fail to pay back ALL within dictated limits, the mighty ones repossess all and you lose all = resulting you to be homeless and shortly after may be even jobless. To lure weak ones into financial debts ending in repossession is a very profitable business strategy. The government and wealthy ones accrued more and more, all others less and less until the general population is back into a modern way of slavery. Working for others, living to make other people’s dream come true by giving your entire life, lifeforce and in some countries even all your children to satisfy the greed by mighty and wealthy ones.

Once you recognize the “game” others, banks, credit card institutes, wealthy and mighty ones or even governments are playing with your fortune, with your entire family, willing to use and abuse and exploit you for their own financial and most selfish benefit, then it should be easy for you to exercise strict self-control and increase your efforts to get FREE from your debts and to completely re-organize your entire life, to restructure you way of thinking and to change your heart and attitude toward life. You do all you do for your own future, for your own freedom and wellbeing. Never expect anyone else to do something for YOU unless you have done a lot for OTHERS. To be in debts however is proof beyond any doubt of being weak, of consuming more than contributing. Hence you have given nothing of true value at all to others. Just spending other people’s money and consuming from others. Hence you have NO help to expect from others - but only your own self-help. If your own life, your own freedom, your own future is worth no full effort from you, then you are worth no effort by others for sure. You alone have to create and prove a life long your own value FOR others by steadily being a source of help and useful services or products FOR others.

If you think the above procedures might be too tough on you - just remember the hundreds of millions of humans on this planet who live a life long on a budget of just a few dollars per day for an entire family.

You can substantially improve your success by removing any limits in your mind. Here a few final tips:

  • You can and should accept any job, no matter what, dirty, tough, dangerous, below your level, helper jobs, just ANY honest work of any kind.

  • Your daily working hours are 24 hrs - even over an extended period of time. There are jobs 24/7 available for many months. May be the hourly rate is lower, but the total sum earned per day / per week is higher because of the extended working hours you may have. For example home care for very ill people may be one such job - always on duty day and night and still having short breaks to recover in short deep meditation (kriya yoga).

  • Dangerous or dirty jobs NO ONE else wants to do are an ideal opportunity to get above minimal pay for an extended period of time

  • Be 100% flexible, any location, any country, any time, any day always needs to be fine for you to accept jobs bringing you out of debts and financial crisis.

  • If you have already any financial debts or obligations, strictly avoid those jobs that require investing in new education for a new job. Work with whatever you have NOW. A healthy body and mind, the readiness to fully invest yourself into a new job and the full willingness to learn while doing / while working on the job.

Never expect God to give you money. God however may give you job opportunities to work yourself out of your self made misery.

Follow Jesus teachings of love to learn about life in harmony with God’s teachings of love.

Kriya Yoga, God and Love, An ideal SEO strategy and linkbuilding setup for site and business owners
heart, god, loving heart, love, beautiful heart
SEO strategy and linkbuilding setup for site and business owners

Cheap trashy sites belong to the trash bin or rm /*! Quality content sites however are worth many extra efforts to succeed. The key to success is and always was to build lots of fresh NEW quality content. Quality content however needs to be made known to all world. Hence you promote your site.

Site promotion includes link-building. Linkbuildiing is done in manifold ways. Using one of the social bookmark widgets - such as my Addthis widget - makes it easy for site visitors to share your pages among:

  • Facebook and other social networks

  • Social blogs and web20 sites

  • Social bookmarking sites

Hence step one is to make life and sharing easier for your happy visitors and add a AddThis widget to all of your pages!

The it is time to start your very own personal efforts to promote your site. Your site is ready = finish =

  • NO “under construction”

  • NO missing or broken links

  • NO missing pages like contact page, download page (if relevant) etc

  • NO missing images or broken images or wrong images or missing favicon, etc

All the submissions to TOP quality directories such as DMOZ, Jayde, Yahoo, etc are done manually - personally - NEVER automated!

Read the full detailed How To to create your ideal SEO strategy and linkbuilding setup for site and business owners